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Double Girder and Single Girder Goliath/Gantry Cranes up to 100T capacity

We design and manufacture portal cranes, goliath cranes and Goliath/Gantry Cranes as per our customer requirement for various industrial applications like shipping, construction, power, material handling, water gate handling, etc. Depending on the capacity & application, we design these cranes as single girder or double girder and also as per the requirements of our customers.


  • Easy to install. Ensures maximum rigidity with a minimum dead weight
  • Compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain
  • Safe and ecological production at every level of our supply chain in compliance with ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • Precision flat helical / spur gear units in light alloy housings with hardened gears, high- grade surface treatment and permanent oil / grease lubrication
  • Each drive group is equipped with a motor overload protection
  • Safe and reliable hoisting and traveling
  • Higher efficiency to save power
  • All motions are protected with limit switches to prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook
  • Platform with hand railing for easy, simple & safe maintenance of the crane, extended partially or totally along the girder
  • Adequate access ladders to reach to the platforms from ground level
  • Strom anchoring.