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Quality Lab testing virtual performance

"AMBICA" has established a state-of the art quality lab that virtually creates the situation of your site of performance and then runs test audits on the final product quality; while following total quality management principles during the course of manufacturing. We test each and every hoist confirming to the international standards.

Quality Control Audit Methods


Chemical Testing :

Materials used for equipments and structural members i.e. M.S. Plates, Bars, Etc. shall be tested as per IS: 2062 specifications from approved laboratories.

Hardening & Stress Relieving Tests :

Hardening & Stress relieving tests for Wheels, Gear Box castings, Gears & Pinions is done as per IS Specifications from reputed Vendors in a Induction furnace.

Welding :

All butt welds are subject to tension area are radio graphically tested and routine D.P.Test are carried out as per IS: 4853. All non-load taking welds are examined internally as per ASME standards.

Electric Control Panel :

Functional tests of control panels are conducted by means of simulating working condition for insulation resistance test & voltage tests.